Ordinances & Reports

Edgerly Island and Ingersoll Tract Flood Management Plan & Adaptation Study 2018

Ordinances No. 131 and No. 132

The NRRD Ordinance 131 relates to the fees and charges for sanitary sewerage services and contains the definitions for such things as additional dwelling units, sewer service fees. base fees, etc. To read more: Ord. No. 131 (amending Ord. 102)

The NRRD Ordinance 132 establishes the rates for sewerage service. To read more: Ordinance 132 (amending Ord. 102).

The sanitary sewerage service and base fees are collected on the tax roll of the County of Napa, State of California, in the manner provided pursuant to Section 5471 through 5473.11 of the Health and Safety Code of the State of California. Currently the fees are $1,149 annually for sewer service and $250 annually for the base fee on lots not receiving service at this time.

Bracewell Report 1984